Zero Waste Shopping in Antwerp & Sustainable Fashion at Rêve En Vert

This week I visited a package free store in Antwerp, Belgium. A local store that sells organic food and is also a small café! It's always an exciting moment to find businesses that take environment into consideration. I'm talking about "Lara Kookt Voor U". Tiny, but oh so cosy! 

Also I've ordered a few sustainable fashion items, from Net-A-Porter and Rêve En Vert. Both packages arrive tomorrow! For my next 'Sustainable Fashion Talk' I'll make a review of a few items I purchased as this year, as a conscious consumer. It will be a comparison between ASOS (fast fashion brand), Reformation (sustainable fast fashion brand) and the t-shirt I bought at Rêve En Vert (online store that features only sustainable fashion brands, like Matt&Nat and Mara Hoffman).