VLOG - Building A Sustainable Business

Good morning from the super sunny Lake Garda! I've made an announcement on my Instagram and Facebook that I would be vlogging more and blogging less from now on. Meaning, I will from now on focus all of my energy and content onto what it is that I'm currently doing and that is building a business. I will change the blog's name to mine, for there to be less confusion. From now on it will be "Veronica Moullaianova". Not to satisfy my ego, but because consolidating everything is a better way to move on. I will keep you up to date, daily through my social media, and I will make recaps on my YouTube channel. Subscribe here to receive notifications when a new video is online. 

What about fashion and beauty and tips on how to shop and where to shop? You will see all of that in my vlog, and my social media. If anything, it will become more fun! So subscribe to the newsletter to stay up tp date on new videos (vlogs and talks). And, of course, I will share everything on social media too ;-)). Enjoy the 2nd vlog and I will keep on talking to you daily, on Instagram and Facebook