Twitter Chat with Fashion Unfold


Did you know about twitter chat? Neither did I until about a week ago. But now that I do, I feel a responsibility to tell you all about it. I love me some Instagram, but Twitter is something else. It allows like-minded people to connect and to exchange information in such a casual way! Literally. Dinner on the table, NBA on the screen and a bottle of beer in hand. While my boo was going all bonkers for yet another misthrow, I took a sip of German's finest and opened my twitter feed. Somehow I ended up seeing this:

I found my people!!! And they were about to discuss a topic which is one of the fundamental subjects of TFI. How did I not know about this?

Soon after this first question was posted, #FashionUnfold was activated. People started to share their ideas, their opinions and possible solutions to the many issues around the concept "sustainability in the fashion industry". It allowed me to understand how other people see "sustainable fashion", how they feel about it, and whether a REAL change is actually possible.

During the twitter chat, I was able to share my ideas and get to know other perspectives out there. After the twitter chat, I was motivated. I was recharged. I understood better what people and consumers want, what they need. What I am trying to say is that there's a real value in a digital social event like this one. What that value is, depends on what you do and how you do it. Are you a designer? Are you a blogger? A digital influencer? A concerned consumer? A #naturalista? For each and everyone there's value in an open conversation like this one. Join us at the next twitter chat, on July 12th at 1pm ET, hosted by Fashion Unfold.

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