Tradition. Innovation. Leather Alternatives.


Closed my eyes to flash and thunder last night. Opened them to a bright and sunny day this morning. Lake Garda, you are one unstable region! After a morning salute to the coffee Gods, I decided to go for a power walk. Powered up and ready to take on the day!

I just watched a very intriguing video. It's an interview with Stella McCartney, who is one of the most inspiring women and designers today! Instead of following the fashion tradition of using leather for pretty much anything and everything, she took a different turn.

As an animal lover, Stella McCartney doesn't believe in using animals as material for shoes and bags. Despite being ridiculed (yes, someone dared to make fun of her vision!) for this choice, she didn't bend her morals and beliefs for the industry. She turned her beliefs into a firm foundation to build her brand upon. And look where it got her!

Traditions. Addictions. Both are man-made illusions. They can't be more powerful than our own belief of what is wrong and what is right. Critique, side-eye, gossip, they will always be there. Tradition, or no tradition. Someone will always have an opinion about what you do. Just make sure that your own opinion of you comes first.