The truth about acne - Part 2


Let's continue, shall we? As promised I'm here to deliver the best tips for acne victims all of over the world, myself included. First step, always, is to be honest with yourself. Often you hear people say "But I do absolutely everything right, and nothing helps!" Yeah sure... The thing is, in order to have a good, clear, healthy skin you have to go beyond just cleaning your face twice a day. Are you ready? I will explain everything pretty boldly, because sugarcoating it won't help anybody.

Fact #1 - You are what you eat! So if you eat "crap".... ( you can fill in the blanks )

We all have cravings, for sure, but on a regular basis we have to eat the good stuff. If you start everyday with croissants, nutella sandwiches and processed orange juice it will definitely not help the recovery process. And I know that from experience. The moment I let myself go, I wave my flawless skin bye bye as it sinks into oblivion. Snacking is not a crime, as long as it's a once in awhile thing.

Also, check for lactose intolerance (dairy products). The moment I switched to soy/almond/oat milk and lactose free cheeses & yogurts, the condition of my skin improved drastically. I advise you to try and see for yourself.

Fact #2 - Clean your face 2 times a day, the right way!

It's no longer a secret that you absolutely MUST clean your face twice a day, in the morning and in the night. This is how you do it the right way:

  1. CLEANSER - Use the right cleanser, containing soothing (camomile, calendula) and anti-bacterial (salicylic acid/glycolic acid) ingredients.
  2. EXAMPLE - Jan Marini C-Esta Cleanser & Jan Marini Zyme Cleanser ( currently using these myself, lovin' it!)
  3. FACE BRUSH - If your skin is irritated, don't use face brushes (think Clarisonic), it will irritate your skin even more! However, if your skin is calm, clean your face with a brush, 2 times a day. It will help to clean out the pores much better.
  4. DON'T
    • Don't use soap/ or soap containing cleansers.
    • Don't go sleep with make-up on. NEVER. EVER. Why not? The pores are clogged with makeup and you're basically suffocating your skin. Nighttime is the time your body regenerates and recovers. So be nice and cooperate. Even if you're tired and exhausted (or simply drunk) get your sweet ass in the shower and wash it all away! Just imagine the pride you'll feel the morning after.
    • Don't use makeup removers containing alcohol, nor makeup remover wipes. They will dry out your skin immensely ( making Sahara desert looking like a rainforest next to you).
    • Don't even think of using scrub while your skin is irritated and full of inflammation.
  5. TIP - In case of severe acne, change your towel more often or use tissue paper to dry your face.

Jan Marini Cleanser

Fact #3 - Use the right kind of a moisturizer!
  1. Use hydrating creams with antibacterial components.
  2. EXAMPLE - Jan Marini C-Esta Oil Control, Jan Marini Bioclear Lotion ( this cream doesn't fit all kinds of acne so be careful and ask your skin care specialist if it fits your skin) Jan Marini Transformation Serum.
  3. AVOID
    • Nutritive kind of creams containing ingredients like oils, shea butter,..
    • Creams containing artificial perfumes
  4. COMMON MISTAKE - When you clean your face with an alcohol containing cleanser or a wipe, which dries out the skin terrible, you will automatically feel the need to restore some moisture to the face. And so you'll reach for fatty creams. This results in a massive pore-clogging consistency that will bring your skin out of balance. Not good! So don't do it. If you're not sure what cleanser & cream suits your skin best, ask a specialist.

Jan Marini Skin Care

Fact #4 - Don't cover it up!

I know it's the worst thing you can imagine at this point, but covering your face with any kind of foundation is the worst thing for you. I see a lot of videos going around on YouTube with tips and tricks to cover up acne and pimples. Think twice before you actually go through with it. Because, once again, this will clog the pores, slow down the recovery process or make it even worse!

Remember, it's just temporary. And if you follow the rules, your skin will thank you for it faster than you think.

TIP - in case you really need to cover up some of the redness, opt for loose mineral powders containing ZINC oxide.

Fact #5 - We often forget about these:
  • Zinc is your skin's best friend.
  • AGAIN: eat the good stuff!
  • Regular visits to your skin care specialist in order to clean your skin is are a must (And if you're reading this on your iPhone 6, go out every weekend or just ran in from yet another shopping spree, do not use the excuse that your budget doesn't allow you to do that, it's all about priorities). So choose to invest smart!
    • Microdermabrasion
    • Harsh/mechanical peelings, especially in the summer!
  • Sanitize your phone regularly. " What the f*** ?? " you think. Have you ever thought about how many bacteria there is on your cell phone? And how often it touches your face? And how often you touch your face after touching your cell phone? I'm not germaphobe, but paying attention to these small details will only result in benefits.
  • And the last thing: always stay positive!!

Wow, that's a lot to process right :) In case you have any questions, don't ever hesitate to ask!