The Millennial Entrepreneur


"I am a Millennial, and I am an entrepreneur, therefore I am The Millennial Entrepreneur!" Now thàt sounds damn fancy! It's a statement that shows confidence. Not only in oneself, in myself, but in a generation. Born between 1980' and mid-1990'/early 2000', the millennials are being seen as more than just an age group of people. My generation is seen as the "instant gratification"- generation, as the "coffee obsessed"- generation, as the "selfie"- generation. None of which aspire a great future, so to seem. Before we know it we'll be old, alone and tired AF! Darn, those sad truths of research. But, millennials are also considered to be the most green-minded. We are the ones who are all about saving the planet. Because there is no planet B.

Now, is it just me or is it all extremely contradictory? How can one generation want everything in large amounts and fast, and be the most environment-friendly? Bogus ... .

I believe that a long, good, critical stare in the mirror is the best way to know what's really up. Do we really need questionnaires that reveal which generation thinks more about sustainability? Do we really need to conduct expensive research to realize that we consume a lot and that little by little that will lead to extreme scarcity? Our population is growing exponentially by the second. Millennials are just a very large (if not the largest) demographic on the planet. Of course, we drink more coffee than newborns, toddlers, and our grandparents who just want peace and a pie. So why don't we just use our own, free of charge, logic?

Being a millennial means - because there is so many of us - a bigger collective impact. We have the means and the brains to do good. If something feels wrong, act on it. Like now, I am all focused, fiercely typing and all of a sudden ... what's that there?! I'm drinking a coffee out of a plastic cup! WTF. That's wrong, and I am totally bringing a thermos with me tomorrow. With matcha. Matcha with coconut milk. Organic. I will post proof on my insta stories, keep an eye on it!

So, how is this related to the entrepreneur part in the title?

Well, that's who I am currently. Or, better said, that's what I am working on to become. I am an aspiring girl boss! Yes, you can also call it being unemployed, sure. Whatever makes sense to you. Being unemployed doesn't mean anything bad, actually. One is simply not on a payroll of a company, a third party.

But, boy am I excited about my next project! It's a business to my heart and I want to do it right. Not because I was born in 1990 and have been labeled as a millennial, but because I believe that environment comes way before profit. I am not afraid of someone else's skepticism, and side eyes. And that's because I am not afraid to fail, I do it for myself and not for someone else's approval. It's a challenge, and a good one. Talking, reviewing and telling what can be done better is one thing. Placing myself on the other side of the equation will push me to act my talk.

Looking forward seeing how the script will come out. :)