Sustainable Fashion Talk - SLOW VS FAST FASION #30WEARS

Today's talk is about fast and slow fashion, and how #30wears fits into this concept. 

There are always different ways one can look at a situation. Same goes for sustainable fashion. That is why I call it a framework. 
In order for consumers to have an influence, a positive influence, on the future of fashion, and thus on the future of the planet, consumers must know what their options are. 

Remember: besides black and white, there's also gray and basically 1000 other colors! 

This video is not about approving or disapproving something! It is about trying to look at a situation from a different perspective. Contributing to a more sustainable fashion future can be done in many different ways. 

Eventually, the goal is: getting to a point where the fashion industry is no longer as pollutive as it is today. Everyone has a role in it, everyone has a responsibility. As a consumer, the task is to focus on your own shopping habits and understanding them. 
Because that is what we can control. That is what we can work with and use to steer the market/the supply.