Sustainable Fashion - Progressing


And we are back in Italy! I have spent a few days in Belgium for business stuff. One part I can't reveal just yet. And the other is, of course, helping my crazy family with the organic store they've taken over. Huge progress is happening every day! The walls are getting a fresh, new coat of white paint. Things are getting their own place. The vision of what it's going to look like is finally coming together.

Major first change - an Eco Fashion department that will actually be more of a store on its own. How exciting is that?! Besides the interior, we are busy (yes, we, I am totally on board and helping out as much as I can) selecting brands to work with. This department will be exactly what we consider eco fashion to be: stylish, fashionable, yet much better for the environment! Plus, a major plus, vegan accessories!

You wouldn't believe how many people are interested in non-leather shoes and bags. We keep our eyes, ears, and mind open to clients that come and shop there. We love to hear their opinion! And very often it comes back to: "I would love to wear alternatives to leather, but it's so hard to find beautiful footwear and bags that aren't made of leather." We hear ya and feel with ya! It's on its way and the selection my mom has made so far: I like it!