Sustainable & Ethical Fashion Brands: ASOS vs The Reformation vs MAINLINE BASICS


100% Natural Fiber and Organic Cotton Basics Made in California

Good sustainable and ethical fashion brands are not easy to identify. I'm not talking about sustainability-oriented fashion brands not disclosing it on their online store. I'm not talking about ethical brands not talking about it on their social media accounts.

The current state of the fashion industry is not looking good. And one of the biggest issues is overproduction. Competition, ability to produce in far off counties where regulations are poor, growing population. Growing hunger for new and cheap. All that leads to overproduction. You may call it an 'oversimplified version of the truth'. I call it 'skipping all the BS and hitting the core of the issue'. 

Q: So what can we do? What should we do? 
A: Buy less, choose well. It's that simple. Or isn't it?

Sustainability starts with quality. Good quality means durability. Durability means a garment will go a long way, and enjoy its space in your closet for a good amount of years. Or, eventually someone elses'. But how do you identify a high-quality piece? Where is it written on the label?

A fashion brand calling itself 'sustainable', 'ethical', 'eco-friendly' cannot automatically guarantee good quality, and thus durability. A fashion brand not disclosing much about its sustainability practices isn't automatically bad. 

It's impossible to provide one with a 100% accurate check list of what a good quality piece must include. A 'sustainability oriented'-consumer shall and will go through a learning curve. Yes, loves, just like with everything else in life: there is no short-cut to success! There's no short-cut to becoming an ethical/sustainable/uber-smart eco-savvy consumer. It will take time. It will take a few wrong purchases. It will take a few different approaches to become it. 

In this weeks' 'Sustainable Fashion Talk' I'm sharing my mistakes and succeses when purchasing good basics. And also discussing cotton and Tencel.