In all seriousness, what is the right thing to do?


We like to try out new stuff, new places, new destinations. We want to know what's worth trying, the HOT-SPOTS, the must-visits and where to eat deliciously. Or maybe you want to get your hair done by a true coupe whisperer? You know, it's that kind of a hairdresser that doesn't pick up calls while freshnin' up your layers, that kind that doesn't confuse "smoldering beach waves" with "roasted pipes" before your mum's wedding.. ( yup, that actually happened ). Basically, you want to spend your money and your time right.

So what do you do? Do you share your not so pleasent experience, warn people about it, give them the heads up or do you choose "not to piss off the community you live in" and just shut it?

Trash talking VS Constructive criticism

There is a fine line between complaining about everything and knowing the difference between good and bad. Simply saying "don't go there, it's terrible!" is taking it to the extreme (Unless it really is of course, in that case you're doing them other folks a huge favor!) But even then, justification is a must. Why did you feel like this experience is not worth it to try a second time? Why do you feel like you're overpaying for something? Why do you leave a certain place feeling confused, angry and disappointed?

Like anyone else I also have had (and possibly will have some more) bad experiences. And what I want to do is share it through TFI, without being seen as a hater. So my question is, do you mention only the best experiences and leave out the bad ones, or do you, with good reasoning, share it?