Purchase By Value


The other day I was chatting on Twitter with my colleagues, a.k.a. #CFbloggers. We talked beauty products, previous experiences, things we would repurchase and things not to buy. Cruelty-free only, of course! One of the questions contained - a very intriguing to me - contrast: high-end VS drugstore. It's clear that the difference is the price point. High-end products are the pricey ones ($$$), drugstore products are a wallet's BFF. However, I believe one major aspect is not being taken into consideration when purchasing beauty & skincare products: value.

As a conscious consumer I shop by value. Price can be, sometimes, a deceiving indicator. Think about it. Two high-end products can have the same price, yet a very different value. One brand can be extremely marketing intensive (celebrity endorsements, advertising on the 3rd page of Vogue, event sponsorships, 20-sec commercial on YouTube,.. ). Another one, same price point, is as unpopular as Dan Humphry in the first season of Gossip Girl.

What do I look at first then? The brands' story, it's philosophy and the ingredients they work with. Are they organic? Cruelty-free? Are they sourced responsibly? Zero perfumes, please. I like my beauty potions raw and natural, no need for any extra added scents.

I will most definitely check out some reviews by my favorite bloggers. Once I feel like it's something I would like to try, I let my mom revise (she's the most amazing skincare specialist, not just in my opinion, but also in the eyes of her long-life clients), if she approves, I continue with my purchase-making-process. In the end, purchasing skincare and beauty products is just as much an investment as good, organic food. FACT - our skin absorbs things we put on it. And it's also a matter of making choices and compromises. If I need a cream that's expensive, I simply don't purchase a blouse/dress I like (not a necessity) that month.

Morale of the story - there might be an even bigger difference amongst high-end products than between high-end and drugstore products in general. If you are not sure about what you really need, and what is worth buying, consider asking a specialist you TRUST! 

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