Organic Beauty Newbies ft RMS Beauty


Did you already have the chance to listen to "Versace On The Floor" by Bruno Mars? If yes, then you must agree with me when I say that after listening to it the 100th time, it only makes you crave it more and more. I believe there's a hashtag for this kind of addictive behavior ... #OnRepeat, is it? Guilty. Guilty all the way until the end of this year. Versace on the floor and the taste of RMS on the lips.

Sounds weird? It shouldn't though.

Let's drop the statistics for now, we get hit by numbers enough all day long. It starts with the clock on our phone all the way through the morning. Minutes, hours. Rushing to work. How are the sales today? Oh no, look at that pack of emails! Inbox about to explode. Opening mail is rarely what you want it to be. Bills. Bills. Christmas promotions and a sales pamphlet! Dinner time. Is it so late already? Have to go to bed in time if I want to get enough sleep. Clock set for the morning.

I have no idea how much lipstick and lipgloss we consume in a lifetime, but I can guess it's a lot. Whether we like it or not, some of that glam goodness gets absorbed by our bodies. Nowadays the market offers us plenty of options, and all smell so good. So good, you would actually think some of them are edible. However, as good as they smell, lipsticks and glosses are filled with chemicals. Some may be harmless in small quantities, some not. And, above all, many are tested on animals.

RMS Beauty is apparently one of the most natural, organic and purest cosmetic brands on the market today. They're cruelty-free too! For a while now I've been using one of RMS's lip-to-cheek balms. Light rosy shade, that can be worn both as a lip balm and rouge. Perfect for my light skin tone. And I absolutely love the packaging! Compact, easy, and eco-friendly.

Last Saturday I decided I need more RMS in my life. So I went to Salo and I bought the Burti Bronzer, the new Magic Luminizer and the "un"cover-up foundation. For all three I have the highest expectations. And just in time for the Christmas festivities! I can't wait to test it all out. Expect a review soon ;).