NEW YEAR, NEW HAIR - 13 good habits for a healthy coupe


New Year's resolutions have become a real tradition. You can barely imagine this holiday season without them, it almost seems mandatory. I wander the stats on how many items from that list actually get to see the daylight and how many are forwarded to the next year. Anyway, New Year's or no New Year's, a set of healthy, beautiful hair is something we all wish to have. Wishing is step one, action is step two. Here are the 13 good habits that will help your coupe to the next level!

1. Brush your hair BEFORE washing it.

The hair is much more fragile and sensitive to brushing when it's wet. So give it a good brush before stepping into the shower.

2. Foam the shampoo in your hands, before applying it to your hair.

Here's how it usually goes: we grab the bottle of our favorite shampoo, open it, give it a little squeeze until our palm is filled with the magic potion that promises to give us shiney, sexy & voluminous hair, close the bottle and put the consistency on our heads. Then we rub, and rub, and rub until it looks like a cloud just went to rest on your head. We love us some foam, don't we? But guess what: that process stresses our hair out! By trying to "activate" the shampoo directly on our heads, we lift/disturb the hair scales (also known as cuticules, the outer layer of hair).

What we should do instead is warm that potion up in our palms until it's foamy and voluminous.

3. Start with the back of your head

But the hair is mostly greasy in the front, right? Yes, that's true. But this has nothing to do with the level of oiliness of the scalp. But because the hair on the back of our head is much thicker than in the front. Once you've foamed up the shampoo in your palms, you should apply it not on the tip of your head but on the back. And from there on spread it upwards.

4. Change up the temperature

But don't go from boiling to freezing, that will not help. Mild temperatures are the best. Changing it up from slightly chilly to a a bit warmer will do your hair great justice. This trick stimulates the blood vessels and the hair root. Always end with a cold rinse to close up the pores on the hair!

5. Ditch the twister

Classic mistake! In order to get rid of excess water we most of the time twist it like a kitchen towel. It might seem effective, but it's also damaging. Best alternative on the spot: squeeze. Yes, simply squeeze the water out of your hair, gently. And then wiggle it into a towel.

6. Leave the hair tucked in the towel for no longer than 15 minutes

The towel absorbs the excess water from your head. Leave it on for too long and your risk losing too much moist, which will leave your scalp dried out, possibly causing dandruff. So don't forget to clock it!

7. Use the blow dryer the right way

Just like with water, extreme temperatures are no good. Dry the hair with medium to cold air.

FRESH TIP!Β It's not just about the heat. Remember the traditional hotel dryers? No matter how hot they get, it still feels like a breeze. It takes forever! So if you feel like your hair dryer fails to perform and you're on the clock, upgrade to a more powerful model.

8. Follow the trail

This technique will not provide you with XXL Volume, but it will keep your hair healthy and smooth! If you want to minimize the damage to your hair, dry it in the same way that it grows: downwards.

9. Finish up with cold air to seal the cuticles and the pores!

10. Break before spraying

Don't spray just yet! After the blow dry, give it another 15 minutes to rest, cool off and dry by itself. Only then you can apply hairspray or any other finishing touches.

11. Starting from the bottom

Brush the hair starting from the bottom and work your way upwards.

12. Pony tails, no more than once every three days

Sleek and chic might be the trend, but a tight pony tail is bad for your scalp. Keep it to the minimum and let your hair hang!

13. Sleep tight, yet loose!

Best way to keep your hair from tangling during your snoozing hours is with a loose pigtail.


Trust me, treat your locks right and they will reward you!