Is there really a need to say more? These kind of views are making me think of nothing. It's that kind of moment you just stand and stare. You look around, and you feel so small, so tiny, so fragile. Is this the top or is it the bottom? The earth is round, so you don't really know where you are. Geography. Perspective. Whatever. It's beautiful. 

At the same time, I'm thinking: "how did we get to a point where we have to use the words sustainable, eco-friendly, conscious,... to distinguish ourselves from the others"? Shouldn't it just be normal?  Loving and respecting this should be normal? Okay, enough with the deep talk, let's talk about my shoes and my bag. Let's talk about how they fit the sustainable fashion framework.

The shoes are your classic, white Moon Boots. Super cute and leather-free! And yes, very warm. The bag ... let's say it's embarrassing how many "wears" this baby counts. I purchased this one back in 2008 (?!!!) and it has stood by me through school, university, work, and leisure. What a champ! The beanie, I already talked about that one. It's made of cruelty-free wool, and it's by Wunderwerk. 

That's all the "wisdom" I have for tonight. I need me some sleep now. Good night!