Monday Resolution


Mondays have a bad reputation. No matter where you'll look today, you will see memes describing just how tough and unpleasant this day is. I see it differently, though. I love Mondays! I love waking up to a new week, a new wave of opportunities. The sound of cars parting the garage at 8am, city center opening its stores, email box revived from a weekend nap.  Mondays are very popular amongst people who like to take new turns. Just like with New Year and the New Year resolutions. Like me. Yesterday on my Instagram I announced that as off today I will be blogging every day. So, here we go!

Good morning! It's a beautiful day in Lake Garda today. I woke up to clear blue skies, a fresh breeze, and the sound of an empty pool. Paradise. (A few days ago it was all gray, gloomy, and windy, but still so lovely! Lake Garda is a must see in the summer, for sure.)

"Blogging everyday huh, that's a challenge!"

Yes, it is! I accept! It seems like a very natural thing to do. It's the basics of blogging. Its core and essence. It's the whole reason I fell in love with this practice. Every day there's something useful and interesting to share. I read information on new brands, sustainable fabrics, and game-changers daily. I think it would be great if I would summarize that on my blog. Add my own personal touch to it. Filter the useful from fairy dust.

I am excited! Let's do this thing!