Mistified - Are face mists really necessary and why?


"It's so important to hydrate your skin!" We hear it almost every single day, from everybody. Magazines, superstars, top models, skincare specialists, youtube beauty vloggers and even friends. But can someone explain why? And most importantly how? Before getting into what's good, what's not worth buying and what's an absolute must in your purse at all times, let's talk purpose. Let's start at the beginning, the very important basics.

My body

Our bodies are a composition of many elements and the biggest part is water. And it's important to know that water is being used to keep or bodies function. So, with every breath we take, with every step we make, with every sneeze and pee break, we lose water. And when you use something up that is vital to your body, you must refill, continuously!

How is that even related to my Super Over Night, 24h Hydrating, Magic Cream?

The thing with hydrating skincare products is that they don't work by themselves. Nope. If your body is drained of fluids from the inside, or you are in a place where the air is dry, the creams won't work, or even work against you. Here is the reason why.

Hydrating creams attract moisture and keep it in place. They don't add any extra moisture to your skin. So if there's no water, no fluids in your body they won't be able to attract it to the surface, seal it in and keep it there. Meaning, you can apply a layer of 12 inches of that magic cream on your face, in the end, it won't change a thing.

Secondly, when the air is dry (think sitting inside an airplane/car, inside your house during winter when the heater is on & the windows are closed) the moisture will tend to leave your body much faster. You don't see it, you feel it. Lips are super dry, skin is getting a little too tight and flaky. Now you think that if you apply a fatty moisturizer, you'll be just fine, right? No, no, no. This will even work against you. Because the cream will fasten the process of draining your skin of fluids and attract it towards the driest place: air. The cream was not absorbed by your skin, it evaporated into the dry air, together with your skin's natural moisture! Just remember how many times per day you apply lip cream, over and over again during winter times. Makes sense, right? It's  your basic principal of balance. Nature and our bodies are self-regulating mechanisms that are always in search of balance. That is why you need to drink more in dry environments and, if possible, invest in a good humidifier.

Okay, water, humidifier, check & check...  but, what's the link with face mists?

During the day we very often find ourselves in places where the air is dry: transportation (car, bus, train, plane), working in an office or other closed-off places. But also being on the beach in full sun, or enjoying an Aperol Spritz with your friends on a terrace enlightened by direct sun rays. It's difficult to carry a humidifier everywhere you go, so you have to come up with something more convenient. Something little. Portable. Directable. Something like ... a face mist! A true rescuer and your best friend who will accompany you everywhere you go as it fits perfectly in any bag, from a weekender to a clutch. It will help the hydration process throughout the day, and give you that uplifting, refreshing feel. A little trick that can recharge your mind in a second!

How and when to use them?

In the morning, after you have washed your face with an appropriate cleanser, you can spray some face mist to tone and to hydrate your skin from outside. Immediately after that apply the right moisturizer for your skin type. The face mist will make the application go on smoother and set the moisture right in so your skin is immediately hydrated. Doing your makeup will be much easier too since the foundation and concealer go on much better on a hydrated surface!

During the day you come across a lot of different circumstances: you sit in your car, you're in the office or outside in full sun enjoying good weather. All of this situations contribute to drying out your skin. A face mist is a true must at that point since it creates a moist environment for your face! The cream you had applied in the morning will draw this moisture in and keep your skin hydrated. It's the most convenient way of maintaining your skin's health throughout the day. You can apply it over makeup, you don't need to touch your face with your hands (hygienic!) and it only takes up a little space in your bag. Win, winner, winning!


  • Nothing will work in isolation
  • You must drink plenty of water (not tea, not juice, not sparkling water, not soda!) and use a humidifier for your home or office to avoid dry air in closed off environments
  • Use a face mist in the morning, after cleansing, to tone your skin and to ease the application of creams and foundation
  • Use a face mist throughout the day to keep your face hydrated and your mood uplifted
  • Choose natural, organic and cruelty-free!