Making Healthy Cacao & Almond Power Balls (Raw-Vegan-Organic) Inspired By Deliciously Ella

Cacao Almond Power Balls

Cacao & Almond Power Balls


Good morning lovely humans! How are you feeling today? Ready to take on this life? Yes, you can!

In my latest video I would to share with you a healthy, delicious recipe, that was inspired by Deliciously Ella. Because we didn't have all the exact ingredients, we changed it up a bit, and it turned out to be very tasty! Good stuff, good stuff. Here is what we used:

- 200gr organic almonds
- 2 giant tablespoons of raw, organic cacao powder
- 250gr organic dates
- 100gr dried bananas
- organic cacao butter (we forgot to measure it .. let's say 2 table spoons when liquid)
- 2 tablespoons of organic coco/almond paste
- pinch of salt
- extra: cocos flakes 

First crush the almonds. Don't turn them into powder though! Then add dates, dried bananas, cacao powder, cacao butter and coco/almond paste. Blend until you see a sticky mass in your blender. Stop right there. And start rolling the balls! As an extra: dip them into the cocos flakes to add some texture. Put them in the fridge for 20min or so. And voilà! Enjoy your super, uber healthy snack!