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My mother grew up in Russia, in a time when everything was scarce and hard (read: impossible) to find. It's difficult to imagine for me and my generation, but also for people who did not grow up in a communist environment. These days we can have everything we want. All is available in pink, moonlight grey, polka dot pattern, leopard, tiger,.. you name the animal print and in no time it will be delivered at your doorstep. The market today offers more than we need and more than we can wear in a lifetime. Going back to the essence of the story now. So, my mom was telling me how she only had 5 items in her closet (I swear, true story) and she managed to always look different and be a true fashionista in her city. She had an eye for essentials, fashion pieces that could be mixed and matched with each other, so it was as if she had an endless collection of stylish outfits. Mamma got skills! I mean, how is that even possible? How does one do that? Hmm, I'm sceptical...

Now fast forward to 2016. More and more I see "capsule collection" being used in magazines, blogs and YouTube tutorials. What is a capsule collection? And why is this term becoming a real "trend" right now?

A capsule collection is a limited collection of essential fashion pieces, that can be mixed and matched together easily. It creates a possibility of being able to put together many different outfits with only a small selection of clothes. It also means investing in durable, high-quality and versatile items. For example a white shirt or blouse, a pair of well-fitted trousers or culottes, a tailored blazer and the little black dress. These types of garments are must-have basics that will match any of your on-trend, seasonal or "hot this spring" types of apparel & accessories.

So why do we hear more and more about capsule collections? The fashion industry and the consumers are becoming more conscious of what is going on behind the doors of the glam, the trends and the chic campaigns. But also, we are becoming more aware of what is going on right in front of us: climate change, pollution and overconsumption.

Now more than ever before we are challenged with doing more with less. And you know what makes it harder than ever before? The fact that we have to deal with a great seduction of availability, cheap alternatives to pricey Haute Couture pieces and exposure to advertising all day long (5000+ ads/day). Oh, and it looks all so pretty! However, the quality is not getting any better. The pair of black, high-rise jeans that I had bought a few months ago looks like it had gone through Civil War, October Revolution ànd an earthquake. "Maybe you had washed it the wrong way?" I wish! But no, once you find a booty-flattering pair of pants, you wash it the right way and that's what I did.

A few days ago I was tweeting, retweeting, scrolling through the timeline and all of a sudden I see it again: capsule collection. Curiosity took over and I click on the bit.ly link.

Introducing VETTA : a capsule collection created by two best friends, Cara and Vanessa, featuring 5 key pieces that can be worn in 30 different ways! This is eco-chic creativity on whole other level. Check this out:

  • The garments are made locally, in New York city (less transport pollution + stimulating local economy + more control and overview of the production process)
  • The collection is made out of eco-friendly materials like Tencel, deadstock polyester crepe de chine and Tencel blend (requires less water + waste reduction thanks to recycled fabric, that otherwise would have been thrown away)
  • No overproduction as it will be made-to-order (Kickstarter perks)
  • The pieces are easy to mix and match with whatever it is that you already have in your closet

Besides being eco-conscious, this collection breathes elegant simplicity and gives off a French vibe with a little Scandinavian on the side. 100% office appropriate. But add a few bold accessories, a pair of high heels et voilà you're ready for the after-work cocktails, dinner and dance! Here, take a look:

Their Kickstarter fundraising campaign has come to an end and that means, for now, we can't place an order on one (or more, why not!) of their collection items. However, you can subscribe for updates here.

Or, get inspired by this versatile styling and create something out of your own possessions. It's sustainable, it's creative, it's fun and it's wallet friendly! #ChallengeAccepted


Also, check out these ladies who have styled some of the VETTA Capsule collection pieces their own way. FAB!

VETTA Vest styled by Lauren Kennedy from lolomag.com
The Fresh Issue and VETTA Capsule Collection
The Fresh Issue and VETTA Capsule Collection
The Fresh Issue and VETTA Capsule Collection
The Fresh Issue and VETTA Capsule Collection
VETTA Top and culottes styled by Krystal from thistimetomorrow-krystal.blogspot.it
The Fresh Issue and VETTA Capsule Collection
The Fresh Issue and VETTA Capsule Collection