It's on!


This is finally happening! Will it be a failure at birth or sweet success I don't know, but I'm stoked & psyched I went through with it. Because already now, while I'm writing all of this stuff down (read " typing it out") I realize what a therapeutical journey it is for me. Why? I'm overflowing with thoughts and ideas and tips and stories. And since I prefer to express myself on paper (again, read: "computer screen") I felt like it was time to set out a platform for myself where I can let it all out. BOTTOM LINE: Welcome to TFI, my virtual home and creative outlet!

Just like some (or many) adolescents I came to a point in life where I'd hit a huge question mark "What would I like to do with my life? What do I like to do, what am I actually good at?" I'll tell y'all this, it ain't easy (not sure if this sounds more gangsta or Alabama..).

However, this I did and do know:

  • I want to stand strong on my own two, 38-sized, feet
  • Creativity should accompany me through life, like piglet does Winnie-the-Pooh
  • I love writing, editing, taking photos, complaining about the lack of good isolation in my apartment, thinking strategies, channeling my inner Charlotte Tilbury, being funny, socialising, hugging the life out of my furry pompoms, dancing like nobody's watching and endlessly listening to The Weeknd
  • People without personality, no matter how hot and perfectly contoured & highlighted on photo, are plain boring
  • I'm a curious little creature, too much sometimes
  • I've still loads to learn

Combining all of those elements made me realise that I don't need to wait for something, someone or Samsung to build my own success. And if I want to write, be creative, edit, review something or share experiences and information, there's no one who's holding my tail. So voilà, let's see what this can be ;-)