Is My Dress Sustainable?

Sustainable Fashion Dress

Valentine's Day, of course, we went for dinner! And by we I mean my boyfriend and I. You don't see him on my blog, barely on my social media, because he's simply not photogenic. At all. We decided it's better for him to stay behind the camera. Not that I'm Naomi, but more comfortable in front of the camera than him. Just wanted to update you on that, very important, fact. 

So, you want to know if my dress is sustainable? But, what do you mean? Because, if you want to know if my dress is here for the long haul, then the answer is yes. If you want to know if I bought it as a conscious consumer, then the answer is yes. 

Would you like to know if it's consciously made? I have no idea. I have never spoken with the person who actually made it. And if I were to meet that person, and if I were to ask her that same question, that person would probably come back to me with this: "conscious of what?". 

The brand? A lady never tells her secrets.

I'm joking! I'm not sharing that info because it's not relevant. The point is this: it's never a simple yes or no. Everything can be put into a perspective. For example, my perspective on fashion and my approach to a more sustainable fashion future might differ from yours. But that doesn't mean that either mine or yours is wrong. It's about having a dialogue and looking beyond what is printed on a label. I'm not here to sell sustainable fashion. It can't be sold. One can talk about it and make sense of it. But because it's not a tangible object, you can't sell it. 

Let's try again. Let's rephrase the question to "What makes this purchase a good one, a purchase that doesn't contribute to pollution?"

Any new garment contributes to pollution. It may be little, it may be a lot. But it does. Yet, not everything is lost. If I am to treat it well. If I am to care for it as if it were a one-of-a-kind Chanel gown. If I am to re-wear it in the future, multiple times. Then yes, I'm being a responsible consumer who thinks about a more sustainable fashion future.