Internship at L'Oréal Belgilux - part 1


Before I started my internship at L'Oréal I did some research, to see if somebody who had interned or worked there, had shared their experience, something real and truthful. Something to prepare me, something that would draw a picture of what it's like working there. But I didn't find anything. So I decided that if I got in, I would make notes, keep a diary and at the end of it write my own review.

The emphasis here is on the word "mine" , meaning my point-of-view, not a general truth!

Since I can remember, L'Oréal has been one of the most iconic brands to me. Its appeal is a summation of so many factors: the history, the innovation, the famous slogan "Because you're worth it" and the worldwide domination. From Laetitia Casta to Jane Fonda to Blake Lively, the strong female representation has made L'Oréal attractive to all ages and to all types of women around the globe. It as if you become a part of their nation, the L'Oréal-nation. And I did, for a brief while I was a part of something major. It was a long process getting there, but I did it. And when I did, I was so proud, so overjoyed, I felt so empowered.

And so there it was, the all famous "first day at the job". After 1 hour of sleep, a NESPRESSO Kazaar, a bus ride, two trains and 50 minutes of waiting in the lobby I finally get to see the office I'll be working in for some time! The intern, who I was about to replace, had welcomed me to the L'Oréal Belgilux estate. We made a tour and she'd presented me to everybody in the Produits Professionnel department. Oh boy! So many faces, new names, heels everywhere and managers worthy of an Abercrombie & Fitch campaign (yup, L'Oréal knows how to pick'em). What a start!