Home. Desenzano Del Garda


Saturday. Sunday. Sun. Smoothies. This is how we're currently spending this week's end. And working too, of course. But the word would mess up the alliteration I got going there.

Yesterday we went for a very short time to Milano. The city was empty, drained of energy. It's the first time I see it in that calm state. I guess when the temperature hits 30, city life is no longer an option. To the beach y'all! And that's what we did. After a visit to Wow Nails salon, which was an absolute disaster, we returned home.

It is possible that we will be moving soon. Yes, again. So I decided to grab my camera and make a ton of photos of this place where we live. It's the best. There was not a single cloud here, I couldn't wish for a better day to do it. I'll post pictures soon. WARNING - you might want to visit this place. Maybe even make it your summer retreat!