Guide to Desenzano Del Garda - Time Beauty Lounge


Beauty salons are not that hard to find, they are everywhere. However, you might get your face peeled off instead of peeled, eyebrows plucked out as if there was no light in sight or tiptoe your way out of a salon with a fungus infection before you actually find THE ONE! When in search for a true specialist you ask around, gather some references from your trusted friends. But what if you move to a new place where you know absolutely nobody like me? That's right, you google!

And so I googled my way and my nails towards TIME Beauty Lounge in Desenzano del Garda. It's D-Day and I'm so ready to feel like a true woman again. Can't wait to walk out of there with my hands in the air and be like "yeah!" (need to cool down on Flo-Rida).

Since the only English thing about TIME Beauty Lounge is their name and "HOME" on their webpage, it were a very silent 1h and 15min.. if you don't count Katie Melua singing in the background. I did manage to gesticulate in Italian! #ArmDay

But hey, this is no deal breaker for me. If the job is done good, I'm okay with simply staring at my beautician for an hour and a half. And I would look past the fact that no one offered me a drink BEFORE starting a treatment. A glass of water is the least you can do, but is very much appreciated, right? And so what that I had to sit on the tip of my bum so I could reach the foot bath. Because apparently I was too short the lady said.. Scuzi, but last time I checked, 1m70 was well above the average female height in Italy, and makes me taller then a great deal of guys around here. I would have looked past all of that and some other things. But unfortunately the job wasn't done good at all. Nor hands nor feet. Such a shame!

 TIME Beauty Lounge TIME Beauty Lounge I would probably label this as "good" if I hadn't had seen better specialists and my nails in a much better condition post treatment. But I simply can't recommend TIME Beauty Lounge for mani and pedi, or non-Italian speaking tourists. A lot of details were overlooked and therefore, today, a week later, my feet look like they haven't seen a pedicurist in a year.

Also, the choice of products salons work with is a major detail. Even the nail polishes! Unfortunately, the ones they work with are of very poor quality and not non-toxic. I can't say anything about their skincare products though, since I haven't tried them.

IMPORTANT NOTE! This is not about trashing TIME Beauty Lounge. No, no. The ladies there were very welcoming and friendly. I may not speak Italian, but I do understand a lot of it and also of kindness.