Guide to Desenzano del Garda - Hotel Villa Rosa****


Seems so easy nowadays to find a nice place to stay. You got your app, Tripadvisor on stand-by and the most vague Facebook ratings with zero point zero comments on why B&B Schnitzel fucked up and got only half a star. Or you have those lovely people who think "It's a rainy, sad damn day, my life sucks, let me do some social media damage and randomly rate a few businesses I have never been to." Thanks for your honest, unbiased review mate...

Pictures can be edited, reviews disabled, mission statements copied out of a "How to impress your customer"-handbook. Not convinced yet? An extra reduction of 20% will pull you right in, I'm sure!

Nasty experiences with hotels give me migraines, a bad attitude and break-outs I can't even deal with. And I'm not talking about absence of valet parking, lack of a separate toilet or a limited range of freshly squeezed juices. Nope. I don't do that level of princess. However! Tidiness, simple politeness and fair pricing for breakfast are not out of this world requests, right?

Recently we've had the pleasure to stay at the Hotel Villa Rosa in Desenzano del Garda. It was our temporary home before moving into our other temporary home, while we were waiting for electricity and gas (and they sure took their time..).

ROOMS @Hotel Villa Rosa

What a pleasant experience that was! The rooms are spacious and light. Everything so clean, so fresh and sparkly from polishing. Every morning on my way to the breakfast area I'd run into some of the cleaning ladies. Besides being super friendly and helpful, I've noticed what a great job they did in the other rooms. It's not like I was spying, I simply kept my eyes open while passing the hallway. Looked a little to the left and a little to the right. Magnifique!

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BREAKFAST @Hotel Villa Rosa

Cosy alert! Every morning I'd pick a spot near the window overlooking the Lake Garda and the snow-capped mountains you can only see when the sky is clear. Considered a glass of prosecco few times but didn't do it, since I knew we'd have more than just water for lunch or dinner (sometimes lunch AND dinner..). It's the Italian vibes, what can I say! Anyways, the variety pastry is impressive and dangerous: there's three types of croissants, muffins, chocolate cake, a fruit cake and some cookies. And if you're gluten intolerant, or simply choose to minimise the intake of gluten rich foods, there's a whole range of gluten-free goodies!

Pastry corner Hotel Villa Rosa Pastry corner Hotel Villa Rosa Vegetarians and vegans will be pleased with a wide range of fresh fruit, different types of jelly, rice and soy milk instead of the regular milk, sliced veggies, smoked salmon (if you do eat fish) and cute little sunny side ups. Don't get me started on the variety of coffee!

Coffee and tea corner Hotel Villa Rosa

DINNER @Hotel Villa Rosa

Restaurant Rose & Sapori is without any doubt of superior quality. The warm welcome, the dim lighting, the view! Yes, yes, and yes!

Waitress: "Allergies?" Me: "Hold on, let me grab my list."

One of the most exciting elements is their awareness of food allergies and preferences. Besides the "Regular Menu" you can choose a great deal of dishes from the Gluten-Free Menu, the Vegetarian Menu and the Vegan menu. Lactose intolerant? No problem, the chef will adjust your menu accordingly! Believe me when I say I know the struggle of picking out a dish that suits your favor or diet. The great thing about this system is that you don't have to cross examine the waiters and double check with google if your appetizer contains any gluten, lactose, meat or shellfish.

Whether you stay at the Villa Rosa or not, you should definitely try the Rose & Sapori restaurant when in Desenzano del Garda!