Eco Bore No More


A few weeks ago I came across this catchy title: "Ethical consumers are unattractive and boring, aren’t they?". Thank you, The Guardian, for trying to crash my sex appeal and portray me as an eco-conscious bore. I simply don't agree. Nor with the choice of the title, nor with the message, nor with the actual experiment. I believe that caring is sexy as hell. Thinking about the future, making an effort, do little things and make it vocal or visible to others is, to me, pure wit and confidence.

Simple, I want you to know that I prefer organic cotton over conventional. I want you to know that I always check the label. I want you to know that I don't feel stupid or uncomfortable walking into a Furla store and ask if they have non-leather bags. I want you to know that 99,99% of the time I refuse plastic bags and say "I already have one, less waste is better for the environment." I want you to know that I shop by value. I want you to know that I actually love and commit to my clothes, and if something goes missing I get upset. I CARE and I don't feel like it makes me less of a woman.

And, I am not the only one!

Today, I am very happy to announce that together with Trend Privé Magazine we are launching an exciting campaign! Get ready eco-hotties because this is the beginning of something great. Starting today we invite you to share your eco-conscious look and tag it with: #WeAreEcoAndHot on Instagram or/and #WAEAH on Twitter! Let's get rid of the stigma of eco being boring!

Rules of the game:

  • Tell what makes your outfit eco ( vintage, #30wears, recycled, upcycled, sustainably produced, made of Tencel, Lenzing modal, vegan, locally made, Fair Trade, ... )
  • Tag the designer(s), TPM and The Fresh Issue
  • Use the #WeAreEcoAndHot / #WAEAH
  • TPM will repost our favorites


Bodysuit by WORON / Choker by AYAI / Denim shorts by Levi's