Door to door


I don't know whether it's aesthetics or symbolism that draws me towards doors, but somehow I can't ignore them. Did you ever mention how both beautiful and poetic a door can be? The big, tall ones, that look like a gate to something that is larger than life. Who knew architecture could compel me that way. "One door closes, another one opens."

Some people are born with that mindset, others need time to figure out life to then realise that every situation has an in and out. I fit the latter profile. And it's fascinating how growing up, becoming an adult changes our point of view on things.

TFI is my door.

First, it was a door I was scared to approach. Opening it would mean exposure. Keeping it open would mean investing time and effort. Is it a good investment or just a waste of my precious twenties?

For a very long time, I was a spectator who loved to watch how others were blogging, vlogging, creating amazing and inspiring content. Blogging seemed to be a perfect synthesis of the characteristics of many career paths I couldn't choose from. Journalism, editing, creative writing, photography, marketing, personal branding, strategy, fashion, lifestyle... But, I was afraid to unlock the door to my mansion. How would my crib fit into that avenue of social media influencers?

And here I am. A few months later waking up to messages from my friends telling me how much they love my blog, how they enjoy reading it, and actually like to talk about the things I write about, browse online shops I refer to, and help me take awesome pictures in front of doors! My family shops cruelty-free and promotes sustainability (AMAZING NEWS will be announced very soon!). My stepfather started to blog too. On the top of my mom's wish list: Stella McCartney Falabella. My boyfriend is my partner in crime through everything TFI and beyond.

I have opened the door and the house got filled with love, enthusiasm, inspiration, action, and self-confidence! More than ever I know what I stand for, what I stand behind, and where I want to go. I am no longer afraid to be vocal about what I believe in and why. Opening this door is one of the best decisions that I have made. Point final!


The photo was taken in Verona, the city of love, with my latest purchase: a vegan bag by Save My Bag. It's tiny, too cute, and light as a ladybug. #Vegan #MadeInItaly #Rainproof #LightAF ;-)