Dinner in Salò


Is it Tuesday already? Time flies! And so did I. Yesterday, I flew from Italy to Belgium, where I will be staying for the next two weeks. I am looking forward being here and helping out my family with their newest adventure: the acquisition of Bioshop Hasselt. Not in my best shape, but the enthusiasm is there, 100%!

So, while I'm here I am thinking back to last Sunday when my boyfriend and I went exploring some new places in Salo, Lake Garda. He brought me to the nicest place, that happens to have the best view. Pictures say more than I can express right now!

I wore my current favorite WORON bodysuit with a maxi skirt and a pair of sneakers. It's the perfect basic I've been missing the past decade. Seriously. It goes with and under pretty much anything. Feels incredibly  soft and lightweight. Seems? Are there even any? Because I don't feel them.

Thank you WORON for making me feel so good in your bodysuits! I adore them <3

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