Denim On Denim

"Well, hello there, handsome!" - It's an amazing Monday morning! It's sunny, the birds are singing, and the shitty smell outside has disappeared! (I don't know what was up, but basically, me and my morning cup of coffee went for a quick sec out on the balcony and wooooow.. :o it hit us right in the face! We then went back inside). I'm working from home today. Everything is nice and clean, so I will have no distractions. Since I chose to do a no makeup day, I will film my next #sustainablefashiontalk video tomorrow. The photo was taken in Milano <3 (I want to move there asap!!! The energy of the city is so addictive, makes you want to do things and be outside all the time!) #DenimOnDenim #AllDayEveryDay