Cruelty-Free Beauty Products Review


"Beauty is pain," - said my grandma while brushing my 1-meter long, tangled hair. I was seven, and getting myself ready to go to school. She was helping me out with my ponytail. And I believe that was the last time I let her assist me. Suffering for beauty has many different meanings to many different people to many different cultures. By all means, do whatever you like with your own body. However don't let innocent, beautiful creatures of this world suffer for your looks. And by that I mean: purchase only cruelty-free!

I recently finished some of my cruelty-free goodies and I thought it's time to review them.

Rahua Shampoo and Conditioner

A dream to the scalp and the locks. You need very little to cleanse your hair, and the shampoo itself is very mild. Reminds me of honey somehow. A tender, glistening elixir made of organic ingredients. If you have a very sensitive scalp, or a dry scalp, or both, this one is perfect for you!

"Healing Quinoa boosts moisture retention, while Coconut and Shea Butter remove dirt, oil, and bacteria without stripping away nutrients - stronger lustrous hair is guaranteed. Ideal for color-treated tresses. Free from gluten, synthetics, parabens and sulfates. 100% natural, 100% vegan."

The conditioner can also be used as a heat protecting styling cream. Again, you need a tiny bit of it! I am pretty sure I won't need to buy a new one for the next 6 months or so. It just won't end!

The main Q - will I repurchase? And the answer is no. "If it's so great, why won't you buy it again?" - you must think now. While the product is great, amazing even, my next shampoo will have to come in a glass jar. My aim is to eliminate as much plastic from my life as I can. My goal is to reduce waste to a minimum, and purchase products from companies who go that extra mile. Keep you posted on my next choice!

Neals Yard Remedies

Because I have an acne-prone skin, I decided to try the Palmarosa range. I didn't purchase the full-size range because I wanted to try it first. So I chose the starters kit. There's a cleanser, a tonic, a moisturizer, a mask and a primer.

The products are not bad, not at all, but they are not great either. At least, for my skin. I didn't see a lot of effect, unfortunately. Skincare is very personal, and if something doesn't work for me, doesn't necessarily mean that it's a bad product. I love the philosophy behind their company. And they have many great things besides the Palmarosa range. But, again, for my acne-prone skin, this didn't do much.

If I compare it to Kora Organics, well ... Kora made a huge difference, no doubt. I loved it. Don't ask me why I switched. I guess I wanted to try something else. I am the worst rebel, ever.

But now, I have this dilemma: Kora Organics' packaging. Just like the shampoo, I'd like my next skincare products to be in a more environment-friendly packaging. Meaning no plastic, preferably in a glass jar. And of course just as good. Miranda, please, please reconsider the packaging of your products! #OneCanHope,AmIRight?


This review might seem very short. But it's simply to the point. Something either works, or it doesn't. And, besides reviewing only what is in the jar, it's important to look at its shell too. Packaging creates waste, and a lot of that waste is not recyclable. Yes, plastic can be turned into something else, it can be recycled, once or twice. However, only a small fraction gets there. A lot of it is simply being dumped in the landfills. In the ocean, in the rivers, in the forests, ... . Make better choices.