Conscious Consumer Closet Clean-Out


Good morning! How did your Monday go? Mine was productive, thank you for asking! See, they are not that bad. Last week I did something amazing: I cleaned out my closet. It was time to say goodbye to a lot of things, cut the cord, and let it go. Hot pink Juicy Couture mini dress looked cute on me when I was 17. Nine years later, not so much anymore. And no, it's also inappropriate to wear at home. My boyfriend will feel more like papa rather than papi if I would.

A closet clean-out has many benefits. First, you create more space in your wardrobe. Second, leaving only pieces you will wear with pleasure will make it much easier to get dressed in the morning. Or at any other time of the day. Third, you can learn from the "NO" pile. The latter is what makes the difference between a regular consumer and a conscious consumer.

Conscious Consumer Clean Out Analysis

Once I had filtered the good from the unwearable, sexy from the washed out, and potential from the hopeless, I started to analyse. Yes, I want to learn from my mistakes. Besides age-dependent dresses, there were things in that pile I bought not so long ago. Yet, I haven't really worn them that much. This is where I asked myself: why did I not want to wear it?

These reasons are my guidelines for next purchases! Some shades of beige simply blend together with my skin tone. I love nude looks. But becoming one with my tent dress makes me look like a whale. Wool gets me all itchy. Plus, I am now walking the discovery lane of cruelty-free fashion***. And never will I ever again buy a sports bra without actually trying it on. And when I do return home and try it, I will make the right decision of returning it. Instead of squeezing my ladies into it and hoping that it will stretch out eventually. Regular bras stretch out, sports bras don't!

TIP - try some things on and analyse what you don't like about that particular piece. Is it the colour? Is it the neckline that is unflattering for your face shape? Is it the length of a skirt that doesn't look all too well with the shoes you wear 99,99% of the time? The fabric feels unpleasant.

Make notes on your phone so they are always with you. The next time you go on a shopping spree, you will have your "what not to buy"-guide right by your side!

What To Do With The No Pile

Aha! Indeed, what are the options?

RE-DO - Some clothing items can still be salvaged. For example, I love t-shirts with a very high neckline (boyfriend model). Just my luck, one of my boyfriend's tees is full of holes right at the bottom. I guess he wore it with the wrong belt. So, I have decided to cut that part off and keep it for myself! The new length will be perfect for me.

PASS IT ON - Things that are too young for you (like a hot pink Juicy Couture dress, for example) could be perfect for a teen in your family. I think I will save this dress for my niece. She grows up so fast, soon enough she'll fit right into it.

DONATE - Other wearables can be donated to a shelter.

RECYCLING COMPANIES - Gather the things that don't fit into the above categories. Google a nearby company that sorts and recycles clothing. And off they go!

This is it for my closet clean-out learning curve. If you have more tips, I'd love to hear them! Just comment below. <3

*** If you want to learn more about what makes wool and angora NON cruelty-free, read this article.