Bioesseri Milan - Renaming my blog to "The Pizza Diaries"


In my previous post I talked about the best pizza in Desezano Del Garda. In this edition I will be talking about pizza again. If you're not big on pizza, I understand and I hope you will come back soon for some sustainable fashion related content. However, this is not your ordinary gluten-full pizza. Just saying ... Okay, bye now! For the ones who are still with me, thank you, let's move on.

This weekend was all about Milan. Lots of walking, wine and wanderlusting through one of the finest areas in town known as Brera. So close to the Duomo, yet such different energy. Calmer, yet as vibrant. Few tourists, more locals, young professionals taking a lunch break with their colleagues. Vintage shopping galore. I've been to Milan a few times before already, but it was my first time in Brera. There's a place I read about on The Blonde Salad that I wanted to try.

Bioesseri - an organic food restaurant that seemed to be thé place for a good, healthy lunch in Milan.

Almost all of my groceries come from an organic food store. It's my favorite way to roll. Unless it's closed and there's only one sad slice of bread left at home, then yes, I'll make an exception. So try and imagine my joy when I find a way to eat healthy, organic, delicious food that I didn't have to cook myself. Besides my mom's place. Double yahtzee!

You know how they say "if you start your week with a pizza, you must end your week with one too!" Doesn't sound familiar? No? You sure? Anyway, I committed.

Besides being a perfect puzzle made of the finest organic ingredients, the crust was made of kamut flour instead of regular one! Kamut is easier to digest and is rich in protein, zinc, magnesium and selenium. Basically, my pizza had a super crust. And the topping, simple and tasty. FYI, you can go wrong with tomato sauce and mozzarella. However, this crispy Italian crepe was just about right!

Oh, and the freshly squeezed apple-carrot-ginger juice was so good, I had two!

So if you are in the neighborhood and you want to eat good, organic and healthy, try Bioesseri, it's worth it!


Bioesseri Milan