Am I vegan now?

Timo Cucina Naturale

"Sunday funday" my ass! Why did I ever decide to do YouTube? Don't I already have enough things on my plate that make me all nervous and anxious? Talking about plates ...

How perfect is that light shining on my main course and freshly squeezed juice? I know, right! Yesterday was the second time we went to Timo Cucina Naturale - a vegan bistro/restaurant - for lunch. The food is really good. I was surprised by how everything had so much flavor and still looked as something simple my grandma would make on a Wednesday afternoon. If they'll ever have a workshop or a course, I'm in! I want to know their secrets.

"Isn't your blog about sustainable fashion? Why am I seeing risotto amongst midi slip dresses and Stella McCartney accessories? Bon appetite, I guess...?"

Yes, and no. My personal goal is to find balance in life and to reduce my negative footprint on the ecosystem. I'm a human who eats and dresses every day, so I do create waste, and I am responsible for some part of pollution. I can reduce that by making certain changes in both my diet ànd my wardrobe. They go hand in hand, I'd say. Hence the rice dish. Hashtag "conscious lifestyle".

One of the biggest changes I have made is eliminating red meat and poultry from my diet. Mainly for ethical reasons. Was it easy? I'll be honest and say no. I've never been a crazy meat eater, but when I craved it, I really craved it. And I could practically eat a steak raw, no joke. However, after seeing a few documentaries, about how the meat industry is responsible for pollution, and how the animals are being raised and slaughtered for meat, I made a change. I simply asked myself this question: if I was hungry and I had a choice between growing and digging potatoes, or kill a cow, what would I do? Easy, I would gladly be up my elbows in dirt digging those potatoes out of the ground. I mean think about the variety: fried, cooked, chips, mashed,... pour yourself a glass of wine, and voilà, you got yourself a 5-star dinner, baby! 

However, the difficult part is not me dreaming about steaks and then punching myself in the lady balls and not eating it. The difficult part is my body's reaction to this transition. The energy is good. It's my skin that's struggling a little. Making a change like that is not a small thing. And I guess my system just needs time to adjust itself and get used to the new routine. It sucks, of course, but I'm not here to tell you how easy everything is. That would be a load of crêpe (everything sounds better with a French flavor it!). 

Am I vegetarian or vegan? Nope. But I love discovering vegan cuisine! There's so much to it, I'm really impressed!