Living Eco Chic - Tips and tricks for a more sustainable lifestyle

It is amazing, astonishing even, how a few little details can make a grand positive impact. It's simply a matter of being less of a lazy ass. We're all guilty of being one at one point or another #PriveledgedLifeConfessions. But then there are some actions that require zero extra effort but benefit our planet more than you could imagine. So no excuses, okay? Unless you have never brushed your teeth, consume nothing but fluids and walk around naked since your Birthday, these 3 tips will inspire you to contribute to the sustainability initiatives all around the globus:

1.Wrapping paper from (online) shopping

There is two things you can do:

  1. The garments are already being protected by the bag, why put extra paper around it? Just say kindly no to extra wrapping.
  2. Collect and save. You have no idea how handy they come when you have to move kitchen supplies and glassware! Great way to recycle and to avoid that your favorite set of 6 Merlot wine glasses becomes a shattered set of none!

2.One for all and all in one

When shopping for fruits and veggies (yum!) use one bag for multiple green goodies. First weigh the products and then add them to the bag. Attach all of the price stickers next to each other.

Unfortunately this may not be possible for all of the supermarkets or grocery stores. Because some of them require to separate e verything. What a waste! On the other hand, the smaller local shops will actually appreciate it!

Big chains, get on the sustainability boat!

3.When squeezing fails, start cutting

Desperate times, creative matters! Like for example, your favorite toothpaste or facial creams is running out. But you can't get your hands on refill for another few days. You squeeze and squeeze and the only thing coming out is sweat on your forehead. "There's nothing left.." you whisper sadly. But not so fast! Grab those scissors and carefully cut at the top. The amount of product that is left on the walls of the tube will amaze you. congratulations, you just won yourself an extra 3 days!

"Little things make great things happen" said John Wooden.

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