Les Sublimes, the new fashion philosophy

Strolling through Saint-Honoré, cheesecake galore at Costes, people watching outside Café de Flore and a bubbly picknick next to the iron icon of Paris. That's butterflies in your stomach right now. I feel them too, every time I go there. Every time it's magical. Rain, heat waves and the most epic hangover. Paris and I have been through a lot. And just like in a true relationship, it has only brought us closer. How does it always come back to this French lovers' nest? Its vibe, its energy, its effortless chic street style inspires and makes you feel like you are in an endless movie styled by Eric Daman. Oh les filles, trop chic! Imagine yourself there, feel the attitude, inhale the sophistication and give in to the temptation of the romantic creatives. Give in to the new philosophy of fashion. Salute Les Sublimes!

THE FRESH ISSUE| Les Sublimes , the new fashion philosophy #EcoFashion #SustainableFashion

les sublimes: chic eco fashion

Alexis Assoignon and Kachen Hong, the creators of Les Sublimes, picked upon the raising concerns relating to the fashion industry. Consumers want to know where their clothes comes from and they want to know who made it.

People are becoming increasingly aware of the dark side of the traditional clothing industry, especially within fast fashion. They see the effects on the environment, on the workers - and they don’t want to be part of it.

As we become more conscious, we want to know more about what we wear. And we should! We have a powerful tool in our hands that enables us to positively affect the fashion industry. Because every time we shop, we vote.

However, while being concerned, we still want to look good. Am I right, ladies? We want to get up in the morning, swing open the double doors of our own fashion oasis (read IKEA closet) and effortlessly pick a dress that will make us feel like a million euros/dollars/pounds/whatever-your-home-currency-is, before taxes. We want to invest in timeless, high-quality, multi-faced essentials that will take us from lunch to after-work drinks (or from the office to his place) in just one extra layer of mascara. Can we have that without harming anyone or anything?

Basically, Les Sublimes got us covered on all of the above, and even more! Take the Buenos Aires dress for example. A pair of kicks and a denim jacket are all you need to be comfy cool. But when the clock strikes 7.30 PM, toss the Adidas, grab a pair of heeled sandals, throw a duster coat over your shoulders and swipe a layer of red tinted lip balm over that pout. Voilà! And that is only the surface, wait until you look what is under the hood.

THE FRESH ISSUE| Les Sublimes , the new fashion philosophy #EcoFashion #SustainableFashion

sustainable fabrics

The first collection curates 6 essentials made from certified organic cotton, Lenzing modal jersey and blended modal-cotton jersey. These raw materials require less natural resources during the production process. Both organic and conventional cotton are thirsty crops, however, organic cotton consumes 50% less water than the genetically manipulated conventional cotton. "Organic" is not a buzz word. Organic means health, respect towards nature and respect towards the farmers.

Lenzing Modal originates from the beech trees in Austria who are truly exceptional. They don't need any artificial irrigation or planting. Sustainable management only as they multiply and grow by themselves! For Les Sublimes, it also means closer to home, less transportation and thus less pollution.

renaissance in renaison

This must be the most accurate coincidence as Les Sublimes reinforces and revives the "Made in France" pride. Back in 2005, the little village a few miles south of Paris counted 100 ateliers. Today, only 9 are still able to operate. Alexis and Kachen are setting an example for future entrepreneurs by choosing to support and connect with local artisans.THE FRESH ISSUE| Les Sublimes , the new fashion philosophy #EcoFashion #SustainableFashion Confection Perard

So when you ask Les Sublimes "who made my clothes", they will proudly tell you that it were the talented apparel makers at the Atelier Confection Pérard.


There are goals, and there are goals. Alexis and Kachen are team players beyond their own borders. They believe that education is key to women empowerment and empowered women are a key to a better future. That is why when you purchase one of their eco-fashion items, Les Sublimes pays it forward by sponsoring one month of education for a girl in Nepal. Now tell me, is there a better way to shop?


Now it's time for some action. The good stuff. Ladies, it's time pick out some goodies! Starting today, June 21st, you can place a pre-order on one, two or all of these items via Indiegogo. Les Sublimes is launching its first collection through this crowdfunding campaign to collect funds in order to place an order for the first batch of fabric. Eco-friendly fabric that is!

Supporting Les Sublimes means supporting their vision: Beautiful wardrobe essentials, without the compromise. There is a way for the fashion industry to be better, less polluting and more sustainable. That should be the new standard!


Les Sublimes Official Website

THE FRESH ISSUE| Les Sublimes , the new fashion philosophy #EcoFashion #SustainableFashion