Bahama Mama

I was serious when I said I wouldn't put on my new shoes on average looking feet. Pedicure first! I don't know about you, but I have been struggling to find a good salon like crazy. I had the best back in Belgium - my mamski (a.k.a. my mother). Since I moved to Italy 8 months ago, it's been one disappointment after another. The last one made me run for the hills. They were thàt harsh and unfriendly. I remember stepping outside and looking at my boyfriend like: "Never again!"

After having done extensive research, I thought I had found a good one. Something decent. Their facebook page looked good, great reviews, and the place itself seemed to have a pretty cool vibe to it. I had to go there! You know, check it out, test the waters. I made an appointment, and I went there. Expectations were different from the reality.

I got hit with that "expectations VS reality"-thing. The one where you expect one thing and it turns out to be something else.

For the first time, I got more than I had expected! This time, when I stepped out, I looked at my boyfriend and I said: "I am so going back here! Bahama mama is my spot now!" Let me tell you why.

First, it's the energy of the place. When you enter, you feel that relaxed laid back vibe. From the women who welcome you. From the dim lighting, accentuating the juice bar to your left and the exquisite vintage clothing pieces to your right. From the clientele, who just had their nails done and are watching "Notting Hill" while their polish is drying. From the warmth and coziness, the decor is giving off. From the staff, who make you feel at ease and comfortable. Genuinely!

The interior is something else. It has so many different elements to it, yet it all makes sense. It's like an art gallery. It's as if the owner had traveled the world, seen many different cultures and has brought all of her inspiration, and memories, together at Viale Col di Lana, 1 in Milan.

I had something like 20 minutes before my appointment, so I ordered a fresh ginger-lemon-carrot-apple juice. And, in the meantime, had a great chat with the owner of the place. We talked about my move to Italy, the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation, our love for animals, and our dogs :). And just like that, those 20 minutes had passed like they were 2 seconds. Le moment supreme had come!

All I can say is: today, three days later, I still can't get over the happiness of discovering Bahama Mama. It's been a very long time since I've felt so comfortable in a salon besides my mom's. They even helped me to put on my shoes, so I wouldn't ruin my fresh, dark berry nail polish! But I managed to ruin one nail anyway. (Tip: visit the bathroom BEFORE getting your nails done!). I got a quick emergency fix, and with a smile wider than the door, I left Bahama Mama with that classic Arnold-phrase: "I'll be back!"