Born in Volgograd, Russia (’90), moved to The Netherlands (’99), then to Belgium (’01), six times within Belgium, and today living in Desenzano Del Garda, Italy.

(I will not be moving this year. Or at least, I haven’t planned to move this year… .)

Graduated at the University of Hasselt in Business Economics and International Marketing Strategy #surviver

After a short internship in public relations at L’Oréal Belgilux in 2015, I realized that a corporate world is not my bubble. I wanted to create my own content, tell my own story, inform people in an entertaining way about the things I truly believe in. My love for writing, photography, and storytelling are the foundation I would build my blog upon.

In 2015, I also became more and more aware of the downsides of the fashion industry. That same year, I started The Fresh Issue.

“The Fresh Issue” – because every day something new comes up, and every day there’s something to discuss. And, because “The September Issue” was already taken. And, because my last name would complicate the url.

MARCH 2017 - I'm working on a start-up! It's fun, it's scary, and I'm trying to be a mindful consumer, ànd creator, as I go.

Follow this new adventure through vlogs on my YouTube channel, where I also share with you my perception on the future of fashion in the weekly 'Sustainable Fashion Talk' - videos.


Love, Veronica




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